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"Faces and Places"--a perfect interfacing between Hardware Brands and Architectural Design

Recently, Guangzhou (China) International Building Decoration Fair (CBD for short), which is known as the 'No.1 Architectural Decoration Fair' in Asia, officially reached an cooperative agreement with Asian Pacific Door & Window Architectural Hardware Association (APAHAS for short). They will form a long-term in-depth cooperation on enhancement of all the aspects of architectural hardware industry.

With the purpose of serving the companies in the industry and accelerating the industry development, in 2012, there are 2 valuable events will be taken place. Firstly, Dynamic Expo, CBD and APAHAS will co-host a dynamic architectural expo 'Faces and Places'. This show will be held in a luxury exhibition hall with an area of 648m² (Area C, 15.4 Complex). We are inviting public construction developers, real estate developers, architects and door and window manufacturers and contractors to attend this show, aiming to let them be aware how the enhancement of the standardization, professionalization and brand recognition affect their projects. Secondly, the most professional technical and standard reference book, so call 'China Application and Top Brand Recognition Manual' will be published after the show. 

Introduction of 'Faces and Places'

More than 80 percent of the architectural hardware around the world is produced in China. The products made in China have already influenced the world's supply chain. Comparing to the hundred year development of architectural hardware in Europe and American, China is just with 20 more years' development. However, China changes the whole world.

Unfortunately, all the companies are facing a serious expert shortage problem; the standardization and professionalization fail to cope with the rapid development of building constructions of China. Consequently, the most influential exhibition in Asia, China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair and Asia Pacific Doors & Windows Architectural Hardware Association are working together to organize a dynamic Expo and publish a reference book, aiming at to enhance the standardization, professionalization and brand recognition, this will finally benefit the building hardware industry and the final end users.

The Expo will be firstly started with the hundred-year history of architectural hardware around the globe will be presented, which is the world's first presentation to show the all-over development of architectural hardware industry. Secondly, there will be local and international standard presentation. Thirdly, there will be new products presentation to show the most newly developed products. Fourthly, there will be forum about the subjects of how standardization and professionalization on safety, security, energy-saving and barrier-free access related to architectural hardware and it's of great significance to projects development. Fifthly, there will all the professional bodies and local and international testing laboratories to answer all the questions from the guests. Last but not least, it's essential to raise the brand recognition in architectural hardware, windows & doors industries.

We will invite public constructions project developers, property developers, architects, interior designers, contractors, windows & doors manufacturers to attend this show.

The reference book will be published right after the show, this will be the first architectural hardware reference book in China, and the book will be delivered to the above mentioned final end users free of charges and will be as study reference book for those people who would like to study architectural hardware.

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